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Cluster Development Initiative (CDI) is the advisory division of Schoolnet India Limited, India’s leading social sector enterprise. At CDI, we work with the Governments, Institutions and Industry in developing and implementing programs for development of the industrial sector, through sustainable infrastructure and value chain development. Our projects are aligned to cluster development – be it geographical like a greenfield or brownfield cluster, or a sectoral program which facilitates new investments by the industry.

CDI’s initiatives usually result in new industrial parks, brownfield initiatives like area development impacting the formal industrial sector or value chain development for crafts and commodities which have a far reaching impact on development of the rural economy.

Our portfolio also features specialized services for development sectors such as Education and Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET).

Driving economic and industrial
growth for 14 Years

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Pioneered the Cluster Development approach for creating sector specific industrial infrastructure

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Facilitated policy formulation for high growth and high employment sectors like Textiles, Food Processing and Leather

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Expertise in cost effective environmental infrastructure meeting regulatory requirements

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Implemented value chain development programmes in India and Africa, in natural resource based sectors

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Advised on capacity building to National and Global Institutions in the Development Sector

What We Do

At CDI, we strive to extend the human capital development agenda of the Schoolnet Group by creating formal sector jobs or rural livelihoods. We have been working towards a transformational approach for job creation by leveraging strategic interventions across domains. We have been working towards a transformational approach for job creation by leveraging strategic interventions across domains.

The primary objective of offering development advisory services across verticals is to bring more focus to the value proposition created in each vertical and delivering a broader range of advisory services and competencies to the group. Our team comprises dynamic professionals and practitioners with extensive consulting experience, unique perspectives, knowledge of industry business issues, and technical expertise


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About Schoolnet

Schoolnet India Limited is a leading ed-tech service provider in India. Schoolnet aspires for equity in education along with profound, measurable societal impact.

The organisation works towards transforming the educational ecosystem by making quality education accessible and affordable across demographic groups through judicious use of technology.

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